Tendances en recrutement

Executive and management recruitment trends continue into the final quarter of 2022

Tendances en recrutement

Labour market shortage of highly qualified employees and the strong competitive environment have caused employers to review some of their pre-pandemic requirements for experience and academic training.

Soft skills related to adaptability as well as the ability to learn, are now as much in demand as technical knowledge.

More specifically these “soft skills” include agility, proactivity, and creativity; ability to communicate, assemble and network; ability to work under pressure; positive attitude, friendliness, and courtesy, as well as negotiation skills through diplomacy. Our recruitment firm uses psychometric profile analysis to ensure that candidates have these required “soft skills”, to meet their job requirements. 

At Glasford International Canada, we are at the forefront of the executive recruitment trends.

Increased competitiveness

For the past two years, the staffing shortage has meant that employers are in fierce competition to find the best executives. Right now, we see a trend that quality candidates have a lot of bargaining power and their selection criteria to seek career opportunities are even more defined.   

The quality executive profile: they are achievers and know how to exceed expectations in delivering results. They are more educated and have clear expectations about their work life balance. To attract these executives, companies are offering: 

Attractive salaries and signing bonus to meet expectations, cover bonus lost by leaving their current employers and for internal equity.  

Generous and innovative benefits (extensive group insurance, enhanced maternity/paternity leave, several weeks of vacation to be taken in the first year, etc.). 

– A friendly and courteous work environment.   

Provide latitude and autonomy in decision making as well as exposure to the leadership team to have an impact on both the strategy and operations. 

– Knowledge & skill development programs  

Flexibility in terms of schedule and location to facilitate work/life balance (four-day week, hybrid work, teleworking abroad a few weeks a year, etc.).  

Speed to hire: key to succeed in hiring the top executives  

Even if some companies offer very good salaries and benefits, often executives must deal with very successful colleagues who leave for other opportunities, leaving behind their workload of responsibility.  This situation generates tensions and may lead to their own introspection about their role & responsibility.  

Successful employers act quickly to hire replacements. A national survey conducted on behalf of Glasford International Canada has indicated that employers who have corporate agreements with a third party executive recruiter usually have a turn around time of 4 weeks to a go to market strategy and hire withing 12 weeks. (Glasford International National Survey, April 2021, conducted by IMI International 

International recruitment   

Many qualified candidates are open to the idea of changing countries and even continents in order to experience new things and land a job that suits them. These candidates are usually highly motivated to stay with the hiring company.   

A recruitment firm with international offices and partners can provide you with the best candidates for domestic positions. Glasford International Canada is associated with Glasford International, a cooperative that has an international network of 400 recruiters with access to top candidates in 20 countries. 

Automation of recruitment processes must be combined with a live interview process   

Automation of recruitment processes is the latest 2022 recruitment trend. Everything in business is becoming digital: production, management, procurement, export and now recruitment!   

The technology used in seeking out profiles through artificial intelligence saves time for all executive search recruiters. However, the physical interview remains key in determining the fit and measuring managerial attitude as the use of case studies during the interview is extremely revealing about one’s agility and ability to handle live everyday situation at work.  

Look no further: hire quickly with our recruitment experts!  

Are you overwhelmed by the turnover in your company? Do you have an important and complex executive position that requires the hiring of a high-level candidate? Glasford International Canada can help!  

With an office located in Montreal as well as contacts throughout the world for international executive search, we can meet your company’s needs. We collaborate with Glasford International, a cooperative of executive search firms with offices in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and North and South America.     

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Recruteur agrée CRHA

Why hire a recruiter who is a member of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés ?

Recruteur agrée CRHA

In order to find high-level candidates to fill key positions, your human resources team must sometimes deal with a recruiter working for a recruitment firm. But be careful: before signing the service agreement, make sure the recruiter is a member of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés. Here’s why. 


The advantages of using a recruiter who is a member of a professional association

Because the consulting profession can be practiced without membership in a professional association, some “free agents” receive no training. As a result, some companies have had bad experiences with their recruiters’ lack of professional ethics. Here are the benefits of working with a consultant recruiter who is a member in good standing of the CRHA Order:

Supervision, control mechanisms and ongoing training 
Recruiters who are members of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés (CHRA) are bound by a code of ethics. They are not just efficient “headhunters” who recruit experienced managers, general managers and executives. The supervision they receive from the professional order guarantees you a quality service that respects the standards of the profession.    

By hiring a recruiter who is a member of the Ordre des CRHA, you can be assured that the recruiter will follow the practice procedures as outlined in the code of ethics. This code is also a reference tool for human resources departments that use the services of recruiters. 

In addition, professional audits conducted by representatives of the Ordre des CRHA monitor the following points: compliance with deadlines for completing the mandate, the quality of the candidates proposed, and the thoroughness of the follow-up with the candidates and the client company. Ongoing training also allows members to keep their knowledge up to date. 

Respect of professional secrecy 
For companies, the fact that the recruiter is certified by the Ordre des CRHA is a guarantee that he or she will respect professional secrecy. Membership in a professional liability insurance plan is mandatory for members, which ensures that they will be able to answer financially for their actions in the event of a leak of confidential information. 

Professional ethics 
In the exclusivity contract signed with the certified recruiter, you will find a description of the recruiter’s duties and work environment, the standards of business ethics that will be respected, the fees, the schedule and the service guarantee.  

Before accepting a mandate and to maintain ethical practices, the consultant recruiter will take the time to learn about your company’s situation and its business strategies, and will then objectively evaluate your recruitment needs. He or she will perform a rigorous analysis of the mandate you propose, taking into account the following points: 

– Position requirements, skill set desired and your expectations in
terms of results;

– Compensation offered;
– Opportunities for advancement;
– Occupational risk of the position;
– Challenges presented;
– Reputation and health of your company;
– Geographic location;
– Reasons for the departure of the previous candidate;
– Company values (so that proposed candidates can meet them).

Role as a knowledgeable advisor
The certified recruiter will be able to advise you on the most beneficial recruitment strategies for your company. At Glasford International Canada, our consultant recruiters have extensive business knowledge and relevant experience as business leaders or managers, which allows them to target candidates who will meet the desired skill profile. Our recruiters can also advise you on the level of compensation to be considered for each position (depending on the market). 


Glasford International Canada: targeted recruitment and consulting services   

Does your human resources department need to hire a “headhunter” to recruit a manager, general manager or senior executive? At Glasford International Canada, our recruitment specialists are members of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés. They will present you with candidates who will become stable assets for the evolution of your company. 

Glasford International Canada is a subsidiary of Glasford International, a recruitment firm with offices in 20 countries and a network of 400 recruiters worldwide. 

Make your recruitment process a success by hiring one of our certified recruiters! We will be happy to establish a privileged and productive partnership with your human resources department, while providing you with personalized advice and support. 


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Comment augmenter la rétention de votre personnel ?

How to increase your employee retention

How to increase your employee retention

Faced with labor shortages and employee turnover, companies are trying to offer more in terms of salary and benefits to attract and retain qualified executives and managers. Once in place, candidates want to feel like they’ve made the right choice. In this article, find out why your leaders are leaving and how to successfully retain them in your company.


Is the grass really greener on the other side?

43% of respondents to a survey [1] said they were likely to look for a new job during the year. At the employer level, four in ten Canadian business leaders see recruiting skilled employees as a major challenge in 2022, while retaining managers and executives is seen as an equally important issue.

Being a manager, CEO or senior executive means managing challenges on a daily basis. You must continually deal with difficulties, solve problems, manage personalities, meet deadlines as well as performance targets. These jobs are not easy and it doesn’t take much for managers to believe that working conditions could be better in another company.

However, this is not always the case. Some candidates leave their employer to try their luck elsewhere, only to return to the fold and take up their position again! From one company to another, managerial functions are similar and interpersonal difficulties within teams remain the same. As far as salary is concerned, changing to get a few thousand dollars more per year is risky if the current position is still satisfactory and coworkers are friendly.

So how can business leaders prevent quality employees from leaving if they already provide a good quality of life for their staff? What more can you do if you already offer good benefits, competitive salaries, team activities and flexibility in work/life balance?


Reasons for leaving

If you offer your employees the maximum (including 3 to 4 weeks of holiday in the first year, paid sick days, insurance and a good working atmosphere), how come they often leave after only a few months on the job?

According to Statistics Canada, by 2022, a number of factors will reduce the ability of employers to attract and retain employees [2]. These factors are:

The desire to maintain the quality of life associated with working at home.
32% of Canadians surveyed [3] said they would look for another job if their employer forced them to work exclusively at the office. Nearly 15% of respondents changed jobs in 2021 so they could continue to work from home. This trend is even more apparent among Canadians aged 18 to 34, 24% of whom have changed jobs for this reason. In addition, 36% of respondents also said they would accept a lower paying job in order to continue teleworking.

High number of open positions
Canada’s 2022 job vacancy rate is high (up 62% from the first quarter of 2020, before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic) [4]. Job offers are sent directly to candidates on their LinkedIn profile, even if they have not identified themselves as actively searching. This constant solicitation can open a door to something that will ultimately attract your employees.

Consumer price concerns
Goods, food, rent, mortgages and fuel are more expensive than two years ago. This is driving applicants to demand higher salaries, often exceeding the annual increase expected by employers.



More than 60% of companies reported having plans to retain employees over the next year [5]. Based on the results of a Glasford International study conducted in March 2022, here are some solutions you might consider to get there, too:

Build employee engagement and loyalty by pushing managers to demonstrate greater leadership. Managers must inspire teams with their integrity and transparency, but also because they know how to communicate their vision with passion.

Create a policy of inclusion and diversity, which allows everyone to feel valued and important. Make sure you build strong intergenerational teams and regularly value each employee. Simple compliments slipped in subtly at regular intervals (some said in front of the entire team) will make them feel appreciated and respected. This recognition will turn into loyalty!

Give each employee a clear vision of their possible career development within the company. Have an individualized career advancement plan for each employee and focus on training to cultivate loyalty. But it’s not enough to train your employees: offering them the position they dream of or giving them the responsibilities they desire is just as important!

Realize that hybrid work is here to stay. By working from home a few days a week, your employees will waste less time and energy commuting and perform just as well, if not better! In fact, more than half of workers (58%) accomplish the same amount of work per hour when telecommuting, while about a third (32%) accomplish more work per hour [6]!

Invest in technology (robotics, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity) to stay ahead of any potential global crisis that could jeopardize your human capital retention and prevent unexpected downtime.


And if all of these don’t work, you can recruit good candidates by working with Glasford International Canada. Our executive search firm knows the local job market and the candidates.

90% of the candidates recruited by Glasford International Canada are still on the job after one year!

We also have a large international candidate pool, as we are part of Glasford International, a recruitment cooperative with offices around the world!


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