Psychometric assessment

Identify candidates competencies

This service provides a report identifying personalized competencies which demonstrates a candidate’s natural profile for a given role.

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Type evaluation

Evaluation type

Basic evaluation: Measurement of core competencies / Full evaluation: In-basket

We provide a basic psychometric assessment for the final candidate. The partners and co-owners are AtmanCo certified to deliver results. 


A complete psychometric evaluation of the selected candidate can be done with a third-party firm. This process includes psychometric tests, such as an intellectual speed test, an in-basket test, a self-assessment, as well as feedback with the candidate.

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AtmanCo psychometric evaluation platform

An Intelligent and Human-Centered Psychometric Solution

These tests measure the cognitive aptitude, learning style, personality, and organizational preferences of the candidates.

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AtmanCo certified partners and co-owners

Quick and Accurate Results

This service guarantees objective support in the hiring decision-making process.

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Psychometric assessments steps of the evaluation


Access to a secured platform

Once the candidates have given their consent to using the platform, they have a given period (two and a half hours) to complete the form.


Unveiling and interpretation
of the results

Meeting between co-owner associates, the client and the candidate.