Personal brand development

Building a personal brand

The development of a personal professional brand implies the creation of a strong and consistent identity that reflects the candidate. This differentiates the skills and the value you bring to the market.

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Perception positionnement

Perception of positioning in the market

Skills and Interests

  • Working together to define their interests and motivations for specific sectors and positions
  • Working on the required skills for identified positions
  • Working on identifying the core values of each person
  • Working to identify employers or businesses that provide the sought-after values and skills
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Develop a personal professional brand

Approach adapted to the candidate’s needs

As part of our career coaching service, one of our co-owners and associates assumes responsibility for the complete execution of this type of mandate, acting as a point of contact throughout the process. Our project coordinator also provides support during the process.

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ICF-Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation)

Approach is inspired by Erickson International College

The approach used for individual coaching sessions comes from Erickson College, and it is focused on solutions. By using the appropriate techniques and tools, the coaches ease the participants’ path as they go through the different steps of introspection and experience that will lead them to create their own action plan aimed at fulfilling the need they identified.

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10 principales etapes

The ten main steps

  1. Self-evaluation
  2. Definition of the personal objective
  3. Identification of visual identity
  4. Creation of a personal pitch
  5. Professional network
  6. Content and expertise
  7. Portfolio creation
  8. Remaining consistent
  9. Continuous training
  10. Request for feedback 

This proven method, developed by Dr. Marilyn Atkinson, allows the client to put the emphasis on the positive, to be future-oriented, to develop their creativity and to align with their value system. Neurolinguistic programming tools map out the path toward choices and changes. The development of a personal professional brand is a continuous process. We have to remain attentive to the evolution of your career and adjust your professional brand throughout the process.