Our business industries

Working for a wide range of industries

Our objective is to give you the best possible tools for your needs. This is the reason we have developed our expertise in a wide range of industries. Discover the various industries in which we operate.

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Secteur manufacturier


Expertise on a global scale

Our specialists work closely with clients in the manufacturing sector for various industries and which have their bases of operations in every region in Quebec, in Canada and internationally.

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Secteur sante

Public Administration and Health care

Specialized in the public sector

The specialists we recruit directly for our current and future clients come from various levels of government and of the public health system. We support selection committees with our clients in the public administration sector, including the various levels of government, as well as in the health care sector, including CISSS, CIUSSS and seniors’ residences.

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Secteur retail


Diversified range of sales strategies

We attract leaders for our clients in the retail industry, who sell directly to consumers or businesses in a number of sub-categories, such as building materials, pet products, clothing, and so on. Our clients are retailers or major retailers in Quebec and Canada who operate several locations each.

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Secteur 2

Construction and Engineering

Wide-Ranging Expertise

Offering the best to our clients in the Construction and Engineering sector is extremely important for us. Our clients are general contractors, real estate developers and engineering firms that operate in Quebec and Canada.

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Secteur 5

Product and Services

Multi-Industry Partner

Our clients are companies in which professionals provide services to other companies and individuals in sectors such as insurance, information technology, NPOs, law and architecture.

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