15 September 2022

Executive and management recruitment trends continue into the final quarter of 2022

By Stéphane Vincent


Labour market shortage of highly qualified employees and the strong competitive environment have caused employers to review some of their pre-pandemic requirements for experience and academic training.

Soft skills related to adaptability as well as the ability to learn, are now as much in demand as technical knowledge.

More specifically these “soft skills” include agility, proactivity, and creativity; ability to communicate, assemble and network; ability to work under pressure; positive attitude, friendliness, and courtesy, as well as negotiation skills through diplomacy. Our recruitment firm uses psychometric profile analysis to ensure that candidates have these required “soft skills”, to meet their job requirements. 

At Glasford International Canada, we are at the forefront of the executive recruitment trends.

Increased competitiveness

For the past two years, the staffing shortage has meant that employers are in fierce competition to find the best executives. Right now, we see a trend that quality candidates have a lot of bargaining power and their selection criteria to seek career opportunities are even more defined.   

The quality executive profile: they are achievers and know how to exceed expectations in delivering results. They are more educated and have clear expectations about their work life balance. To attract these executives, companies are offering: 

– Attractive salaries and signing bonus to meet expectations, cover bonus lost by leaving their current employers and for internal equity.  

Generous and innovative benefits (extensive group insurance, enhanced maternity/paternity leave, several weeks of vacation to be taken in the first year, etc.). 

– A friendly and courteous work environment.   

Provide latitude and autonomy in decision making as well as exposure to the leadership team to have an impact on both the strategy and operations. 

– Knowledge & skill development programs  

Flexibility in terms of schedule and location to facilitate work/life balance (four-day week, hybrid work, teleworking abroad a few weeks a year, etc.).  

Speed to hire: key to succeed in hiring the top executives  

Even if some companies offer very good salaries and benefits, often executives must deal with very successful colleagues who leave for other opportunities, leaving behind their workload of responsibility.  This situation generates tensions and may lead to their own introspection about their role & responsibility.  

Successful employers act quickly to hire replacements. A national survey conducted on behalf of Glasford International Canada has indicated that employers who have corporate agreements with a third party executive recruiter usually have a turn around time of 4 weeks to a go to market strategy and hire withing 12 weeks. (Glasford International National Survey, April 2021, conducted by IMI International)  

International recruitment   

Many qualified candidates are open to the idea of changing countries and even continents in order to experience new things and land a job that suits them. These candidates are usually highly motivated to stay with the hiring company.   

A recruitment firm with international offices and partners can provide you with the best candidates for domestic positions. Glasford International Canada is associated with Glasford International, a cooperative that has an international network of 400 recruiters with access to top candidates in 20 countries. 

Automation of recruitment processes must be combined with a live interview process   

Automation of recruitment processes is the latest 2022 recruitment trend. Everything in business is becoming digital: production, management, procurement, export and now recruitment!   

The technology used in seeking out profiles through artificial intelligence saves time for all executive search recruiters. However, the physical interview remains key in determining the fit and measuring managerial attitude as the use of case studies during the interview is extremely revealing about one’s agility and ability to handle live everyday situation at work.  

Look no further: hire quickly with our recruitment experts!  

Are you overwhelmed by the turnover in your company? Do you have an important and complex executive position that requires the hiring of a high-level candidate? Glasford International Canada can help!  

With an office located in Montreal as well as contacts throughout the world for international executive search, we can meet your company’s needs. We collaborate with Glasford International, a cooperative of executive search firms with offices in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and North and South America.     

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